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Tuesday dribbles leads to Wednesday sniffles…

April 28

Petalsweb The spring winds gust a trail up the Yangseo foothills, cold rain and white cherry tree petals riding its spine. The petals on the cherry tree in my school yard all planned a mass exodus yesterday and now lay like sweet smelling snow. I never thought I could be so happy watching the hills turn green even though the scraggly uneven green patches remind me of an adolescent boy trying to grow his first mangy beard. But I’m not complaining! Anything that smells remotely of spring gets me unreasonably excited and deliriously happy! Bring on the mange!

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  • Reply Inge Kathleen April 29 at 1:02 am

    ahhh so beautiful I love the feeling of the first one. creppy and beautiful 🙂

  • Reply Mandy McConaha April 29 at 5:41 am

    Thanks! Luv ya girl!

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