March 30

I fancy myself a jack-of-all-trades: a photographer, program director, artist, web designer, gardener, grant writer, communications specialist, mentor, fundraiser, network weaver, drama reliever, volunteer coordinator, teacher, conflict resolver, herder of cats and middle school students alike…and….now I fancy myself a hanging garden builder! 🙂
I wont lie, Ty is my dream maker, I dream up a project (with the help of Pinterest of course) and he helps make it reality, doing 90% of the work and assuring me that it couldn’t have happened without me.

I get the amazing opportunity to oversee 3 school gardens and a community youth garden at my work, which has transported me back to my childhood farmer days. I’m still a farm girl at heart! And apparently I learned more than just how to pull weeds and pick veggies! Our middle school project is currently exploring gardening in small urban spaces and learning about unique and creative container gardening. The purpose is to also help make the connection of where our food comes from (and no, milk does not grow on trees). It’s also challenged me to transform my small backyard/patio area (and the backyards of some of my friends) into a vegetable growing haven (much to Bella’s plant killing delight) and to see if I can grow all my salads hanging from my back patio!

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