Albuquerque for Thanksgiving

November 29

Hopped on a plane to Albuquerque, NM to spend Thanksgiving with the family!

The desert greeted me and I marveled at how alien it feels now that I live in lush Central New York. I can appreciate the stark, dry beauty better now that I don’t live in it. I spent the week drinking wine, going on hikes, eating delicious green chilis (aaah how I’ve missed thee!) and stuffing myself with Tgiving leftovers! We went on pretty hikes in the Bosque by the Rio Grande and watched the evening sun turn the Sandia Mountains pink. We also found quite a few porcupines perched in trees sleeping and partaking in their leafy dinner. Who knew the little porkies lived in trees!

    Carlito Springs, NM

My little brother signed me up for a 5k Turkey Trot on the morning of Thanksgiving…He even bought some exciting hats to wear on the run. My turkey hat had an obvious lean and boinked me on the back of my head every step I took. Young children and adults a like pointed and laughed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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