Morning light shines through the dingy windows as Jamie Norwood, 14, of Louisville Ky., rolls out of the bed she has shared her entire life with her mother. So as not to wake her mother, she quietly pulls her honey colored hair back with a pink headband while tugging her sweatshirt self-consciously over her rounded stomach. She selects her favorite pair of pink Tinkerbelle sweatpants and runs out the door to catch the bus, a pop tart clutched in one hand and prenatal vitamins in the other. Jamie’s adolescent body is blossoming prematurely into womanhood as the growing shape of Ethan Allen Norwood creates quite a splash in her middle school classroom. Lunchroom conversations now consist of the adult topics of stretch marks, due dates, and prenatal checkups. Every once in a while Jamie will show off her ever-expanding milky smooth stomach to her friends, the baby grows one half pound every week. Jamie will love her baby even if she did not choose him. She is a 14 year-old girl who over the next few months will make the journey from middle school to motherhood.