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Blew out a flip flop, fixed it with a pop top…

July 31

Last weekend we packed food, firewood, and a dirty dog into my old beat up camry and headed over the mountain for a weekend of camping and fun. The rain started pouring 5miles down the road and my windshield wipers refused to work again (I’m thinking this might be carma), so while muttering my apologizes for all the wrecks and scrapes I had gotten her into and patting the dashboard lovingly, we sucessfully climbed the winding mountian roads going 10mph with my nose stuck inches away from the windshield peering through the drops. But a little bad weather wasn’t going to stop us! The next day we hiked a few miles into the Gila Wilderness to a natural hotspring where fables had been told of water hot enough to boil eggs! In the process we crossed the gila river a million and one times and both Jeremy and I blew out our flip flops. Thank heavens we had our MacGyver father with us who fixed the boogers with a lighter and a pop top. Aside from family gang fueds at the campground and sunburned shoulders, we had a wonderful time!

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  • Reply Emily-Rose July 31 at 7:49 pm

    beautiful work. the second, and the last one are my favorites.

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