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Onion Farming in the Antelope Valley

September 10




After a day going over company policies (snore) I took the back roads driving home and ran into skies from my dreams! If you’ve lived in the Antelope Valley (and even if you haven’t) you might know of how dry and weatherless this place is (as long as you don’t count triple digit temperatures and unrelenting wind). Dramatic skies, rainbows and that ooooh so elusive thing called RAIN are pretty much non-existent here, which makes it such a treat when they come out of hiding. And then I came across never-ending rows of burlap sacks stuffed full of our #1 produce – Onions! And rows and rows of workers were picking onions by hand against the dramatic backdrop of the stormy skies. Happiness is this right here! So I lugged out my trusty camera (actually its a new trusty camera I’m playing around with these days…shhhh don’t tell Nikon I may be cheating on them with Canon!) and proceeded to enjoy my oh so rare photie shoot! I learned many interesting things- each burlap bag weighs 100lbs and workers get $1.25 per bag, workers come from all over to pick onions and onions love to grow on loose, sandy soil which makes the AV perfect for them.

Enjoy the photies!

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