Puppy Birthday Party!

August 6

The past few months have been so crazy-busy that I forgot to celebrate a couple important puppy milestones: Zoe’s 6 month adoption birthday & Bella turning 2! On Friday, I decided it was past time for a puppy party! So I went out and bought some colorful party hats, slid a doggy cake (with sprinkles!) into the oven and made a makeshift pool out of a storage box for the water-loving Zoe. The excitement was palpable. The party started off with a mad run around the yard, a couple splashes in the makeshift pool and then out came the hats. Oh My. Bella was having none of it, she immediately pawed it off and looked at me with her brown, reproachful eyes. Zoe was a little easier to distract, but soon she started asking “what is this on my head?!” then the meltdown ensued:


Bella finally came over and gave her an older sister assist. The emergence of the birthday cake on the scene made life a whole lot better! We ended the night sated and sticky.



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