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Hello from Upstate New York!

November 27

Hello from sunny, Upstate New York!

Did I mention I was moving? Trading California heat and desert with pretty fall colors and glorious waterfalls? No? Well it was news to me too, but an opportunity arose I jumped at it! So I packed my two dogs in the back of my Mini Cooper, picked up Aaron at the LAX airport and embarked on a 3 day cross-country road trip! We made stops in Las Vegas to see a great friend (KARLA!), zoomed through the red rocks of Utah, chugged up the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and made a pit stop in Kansas. We zoomed through Missouri, Illinois and spent the day with my sister and her 3 munchkins in Indiana. The dogs finally got a chance to stretch their legs chasing the boys and the ball around the yard. One last stretch in the car and we finally landed in Elmira, NY where I now live and work!

We made it just in time to catch the trees don their glorious fall colors and see the first icy fingers frost my windshield. The first week, my apartment was 55 degrees (brrrr) and I saw my first snow dusting after 5 warm years without a true winter.

I now spend my days working at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier implementing hunger relief programs for children and youth and brainstorming ways to organize and advocate. In my spare time I’m a photographer again! Tackling tantalizing projects and assignments (stayed tuned!). I’m stoked to be picking up the camera again and learning (finally) how to have a work/life balance.

Here are some pretty photos for your Sunday viewing!

[IMG-Gal id=4384]


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